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A few ways that we can help you.

It's hard work selling your home, but you can do it.  Following are 10 steps to selling your home.  The first 5 are the ground work you need to lay before you can sell your home.  If you have any questions, and you will, please give us a call.  Feel free to contact any of our Escrow officers for any assistance. Get started selling you home in Utah today:

1. How much is your home worth?

It will be helpful for you to interview a couple of agents.  They can help determine your price and give you an objective view of you home.  Most agents will be happy to talk to you.  Give us a call if you need any suggestions.

-   Deposit of EM w/Title Co.

2. Making your home saleable

You will want to determine what needs to be done to make your home sell.

3. Develop a Marketing Plan

It is also helpful to develop a marketing plan.  How will you attract buyers?  Will you have an open house?

4. Create Marketing Materials

Buy a sign and create a flyer that presents your home well.  Most potential buyers will take just a few seconds to determine if they are interested.  Make those first few seconds count.


5. Find out what is against your title

You do not want to put your home on the market only to find out you have an unexpected lien or judgment that affects your title.

6. Market your home

There are many sites that will help you get the word our that your home is for sale.  There are many more site to list with than shown below.

7. A Buyer makes an Offer to Purchase

It is preferred that your buyer use the form to the left entitled Real Estate Purchase Contract in the state of Utah.  If your buyer is not represented by a real estate agent, Buyer and Seller, may agree to alter or delete the provisions  in the Real Estate Purchase Contract or to use a different form.  You may also want to consult a real estate agent  or attorney to help you through the process.

8. Getting Ready for Closing

Once the offer is accepted Title One will need the signed purchase agreement and the name and contact information of your Buyers and their Lender.  We will coordinate with the Lender to prepare all documents in a timely manner.  This part of the process may take from 4 to six weeks.

9. Closing and Funding

Once all parties are ready, a date will be set and all documents will be presented to both parties for signature. (See Escrow Services - Signing)

Funding simply means receiving your proceeds.

10. Transferring the Keys

There is only one last step and that is transferring the keys to the buyer.  This step usually takes place within 24 to 48 hours of closing and funding.  You should have already decided this step in the purchase contract.  Congratulations, you did it!


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