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Steps for Escrow Success




Communicate with your escrow officer and inform them of important dates for ordering payoffs and releases, as well as loan approvals and other related issues.


Inform your escrow officer if any changes occur. All changes should be noted in writing. Remember, escrow only acts on mutual instructions barring rare exceptions.


It is important to understand the fiscal tax year, debits, credits, prepaid interest, impounds, due dates and delinquent dates in order to ensure that this information will be easily understood by your client. Familiarize yourself with normal buyer and seller closing costs.


Check each signature for accuracy. Have your client sign exactly as shown on the document. Make sure all of the required documents are signed and notarized when applicable.


Double check all papers and documents before returning them to your escrow officer to verify.

Our escrow staff is ready to provide you with consistent closings every time. To speed your transaction, we recommend following our seven steps below to ensure a successful escrow process.












Recommend us for your customers’ title insurance. Ask for their Escrow and/or Title Reference number to use for all future communications.


Read and understand the Preliminary Report. If there is an item you don’t understand, phone your escrow or title officer.

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