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May 2013, Customer Comments:

What did you like about our service?

"Brenda was awesome and I thank you guys for helping me out.  I'm very satisfied!", Jason Diamond

"Shelli went above and beyond ones efforts in order to enable us to close on time.  We were very happy with her customer services." Jacqueline Chrz

"Your escrow officers are excellent, and very friendly.  I feel very comfortable there.  Your are also very organized.  I really can't think of a negative." anonymous

"Shelli was super nice, it was not even close to the experience that we were expecting from others who told us about their closing.  It didn't take to long and she came down to us so that we didn't have to go all the way to SLC, that was wonderful." anonymous

April 2013, Customer Comments:

What did you like about our service?

"Clear & Quick", Mario J. Maestas

"I was pleased with the experience.  If you treat everyone like I was treated, then I'd say you've got it figured out pretty well!! Location was easy to get to from anywhere in the valley.  Brenda was awesome!!" Mike

"It was fast and painless.  Very professional" Justin Monsen

"It was completed fast and the agreements (documents) were very nicely bound." Todd Beard


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